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Concerns for pushkar city

It attracts approximately 100,000 visitors every month, apart from the very large congregation that is seen during the annual Pushkar Fair. However, the Pushkar Lake is central to its nourishment as a religious centre. The tourist arrivals during 2005 were reported to be about 16.12 million (said to be the maximum among all tourist attractions in Rajasthan), out of which the foreign tourists were about 63,000. Since large gatherings has greater needs and produces more waste, the city needs to be addressed on certain issues:

  • Water Management- Since, Pushkar is a water scarce city it needs to conserve every single drop of water it gets from natural resources, a well-developed rain-water harvesting system for every building and all the activities that require water.
  • Waste management
  • Conservation of Pushkar Lake- Excessive agricultural activities and need of water by increasing population of the city has led to deterioration of quality of lake water and depletion of water level. It needs to be addressed.
  • Restoration of monuments-Monuments and lake needs to be restored with greater speed than it gets degraded.
  • Environmental Issues-Growing population of Pushkar city and increasing number of tourists have contributed a lot in creation of waste which is found strewn everywhere along ghats and temples. Waste disposal and sewage discharge is a major problem of the city which can be tackled only if people are sensitised and made aware of environmental concerns. So it is the duty of every visitor to contribute a little by taking care of your activities to the environment of Pushkar city.

Ajmer Pushkar in Smart Cities Mission of India
Ajmer City is selected to be developed as smart city, one of the ambitious programmes of BJP government after coming to the power. The ambitious smart city project will help to bring world-class facilities to Ajmer. “It means smart energy, smart buildings, good transport systems, telecommunications, healthcare, traffic, sanitation, proper drinking water supply and better residential areas. Another important factor of smart city is smart governance in which the government working would need to be IT based.

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