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Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair also called Camel Fair or Pushkar Mela in Hindi is one of the most vibrant cattle fairs of Asia, perhaps the largest fair of Asia. Camel Fair is held every year for a period of 5 days. It is held along Pushkar Lake which has been the center of many flourishing Rajasthani Traditions. One such is Pushkar Fair. In Pushkar Fair you can see all breeds of desert animals besides camel. You can see everything from moaning goats, meowing sheep, braying cattle to laughing and dancing people. The bargaining and negotiating merchants and their customers in front of their tents with gorgeous, tall and beautifully decorated camels are worth watching. They add a new hue to the Pushkar Fair. In another words, they are the buoyancy of Pushkar.

When is Pushkar Fair Held?
Pushkar Fair is held from 11th day of a lunar fortnight locally called PradoshiniEkadashi to Full Moon day called Kartik Poornima. It is duration of 5 days according to Hindu calendar. It is said that the concluding day of the Pushkar Fair was the same day Lord Brahma created Pushkar Lake. Thus it is the holiest day on which all visitors to Pushkar take a Holy dip into the lake. It is considered that a dip on this day into the holy lake leads one to salvation and makes soul free from cycle of birth and rebirth.

How to Reach Pushkar Fair at Pushkar City Rajasthan :

Location of Pushkar : Pushkar Town is located at 14 kms from Ajmer in Rajasthan. It is 403 kms away from Delhi.

Air : The nearest airport is the Jaipur Airport from where regular flights to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Aurangabad are available.

Rail: The nearest railway station is Ajmer from where direct trains for Jaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mumbai and other destinations are available. The Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express connect Ajmer directly to Delhi.

Road: Pushkar is connected with Ajmer through road. Buses, taxis and jeeps are also available from Ajmer to Pushkar.

Pushkar Fair 2016 :
This year Pushkar Fair is going to be held in October-November or Kartik Month of Hindu calendar.

Major Attractions and Sports of Pushkar Fair :
Many competitions that have local customary elements take place which are enjoyed by local as well as foreign tourists equally. Most prominent of these are:

  • Matka Phod
  • Longest Moustache
  • Bridal Competition
  • Folk Dance Competitions
  • Tug of War
  • Camel Race
  • Mehandi Competitions
  • Cricket Match between Pushkar Club and Foreign Tourist All men, women, elderly and children enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm.

Thousands of people gather to buy and sell camels, goats, sheep, cows and other animals that are reared in deserts. Animals that are not able to acclimatise deserts are also sold there but in smaller numbers. There you can find a number of stalls full of household articles, edibles, fabric, decorative items and other things. A Camel Race is waited for sport where beautifully decorated camels take part in race. In demonstration of abilities of camel to carry and deliver goods or clearly saying transporting goods men compete in Caravan.The fair is a colourful cultural event also with folk dances, music, camel races and the cattle fair. The tug of war is a popular hilarious sport held during the fair. This event is held between the Rajasthanis and foreigners.

History of Camel Fair :
Pushkar Fair has great religious importance for pilgrims from ancient times as it is the only place associated with Lord Brahma who is considered to be the preserver of life on Earth according to Hindu Mythology. This fair is held in tribute to Lord Brahma who is credited to have generated Pushkar Lake. It is believed circumambulation of the three Pushkars on Kartik Purnima gives devotees all the pleasure, peace and progress in life. Pushkar Fair attracts millions of people yearly which help in enriching culture and economy of the city. It gives a huge sum of revenue to state.

Vibrancy of Pushkar Fair :
Mystics, with their entire conundrum gather along Pushkar Lake to take a holy dip in Pushkar Lake on Kartik Purnima. Various type of activities and rituals performed by Saints, sages and Sadhus along with common folk can bound anyone good observer for hours. It also gives an insight into diversity of Indian Culture and its uniqueness to assimilate everyone in itself. The vibrant and buoyant Camel Fair reportedly attracts lacs of people and thousands of camels. In this fair, camels are very beautifully decorated and paraded in the sand dunes on the southern part of the lake. Camel Race is a hilarious sport.

Fair For Folks :
This fair gives a huge opportunity of a living to the locals who have been struggling hard in harsh climatic conditions of desert. Visitors, Merchants, Travellers, and Devotees all are dependent on services of local folk for their rituals, trades and other basic needs. Tribes from several neighbouring villages are seen dancing in their traditional colourful costumes. This not only makes fair vibrant and vivid but also give them some money besides entertainment.

Who organises Pushkar Fair?
Ministry of Tourism, Rajasthan, Department of Tourism, India in collaboration with Municipal Corporation of Pushkar organises Camel Fair in Pushkar Rajasthan along Pushkar Lake.

This season come and participate in Pushkar Fair with family, friends and loved ones for a memorable tour. Chill out with them in holy water of Pushkar Lake from scorching sun of Thar Desert of India.

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