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Attractions of famous Gardens of Agra

Attractions of famous Gardens of Agra, India and sightseeing of gardens of Agra

  Mehtab Bagh, Agra, India

Mehtab Bagh famous as moonlight garden is situated north of Taj Mahal and to the opposite of river Yamuna. During rainy season this square garden of 300 m by 300 m, becomes partially flooded by the rain. It was built by Mughal emperor Babar and out of eleven gardens it was the last garden. Designed in the riverfront terrace pattern, it contributes a significant part to the Taj complex. The garden has a compound wall from all sides and the wall is made up of Brick, lime plaster and clad with red sandstone and in the corner was situated octagonal shaped domes. A small Dalit shrine is present near the entrance. A letter was written by Aurangzeb to Shah Jahan in which he talked about the garden after a flood in 1652 AD. In 1994 to renew and renovate and to give it a new style the garden archeological excavations were started.

  Mehran Bagh, Agra, India

Because of the adjoining location with the Taj Mahal the charbagh complex located in Agra is very famous. Opposite it is situated The Agra fort which has also captured the attention towards these places. Mehran Bagh is one of the wonderful squared garden complexes which are planned in such a way that it becomes partially flooded, particularly during the times of heavy rain. The construction of the complex sets a new standard for Mughal architecture. Mughal garden research also attained new heights with the dawn of this archaeological masterpiece. The tomb of Mumtaz is exactly midway between the entrance of the Taj Mahal complex and the ends of Mehran Bagh. As per ASI survey since the garden is very frequently visited by the botanists and by the nature lovers so the beginning of overhauling and the restorative work of the garden being started.

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  Ram Bagh, Agra, India

Ram Bagh is the very first garden built in India by the Mughals and the bagh is very much famous because of its peculiarity. The motive behind the construction of the garden was to amuse the guests of the Emperor and also for relaxing the Emperor and his loyal people. Because of its unique design and attractive layout that portrays Mughal’s love for natural beauty the beautiful garden has gained its popularity and has become a famous spot of tourist attractions.

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