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Stays with a Difference Alternative Accommodation is Breaking Big Nov 25th, 2019 from Times of India

 Stays with a Difference Alternative Accommodation is Breaking Big

A modern suite with spectacular views or a plush villa with a private pool? Or maybe a homestay set on the edge of a fragrant coffee plantation? Indian travellers, today, are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting their holiday accommodation. A survey conducted by MakeMyTrip, India’s leading online travel company, reveals that more than 48 per cent of the respondents are likely to book an alternative accommodation , which includes

villas, apartments, homestay and hostels for their next trip. People want travel experiences to reflect on a personal level and in line with their travel interests. For instance, a homestay is a great way to experience a slice of authentic local culture, while a luxurious villa is superb for couples looking to spend quiet time together. With so much to choose from on the accommodation front, we bring you this quick guide to help you figure out that perfect holiday accommodation.

Social butterflies and wallflowers

Bachelor parties, college reunions, get-togethers – nothing beats the excitement of a group outing. Survey findings by MakeMyTrip reveal that 15% of the respondents are increasingly considering booking alternative accommodation, such as villas and

apartments , while travelling with their group of friends. Besides being high on affordability, the properties offer plenty of space, fulfilling the need for both freedom as well as privacy. Cook-offs and customized meals are an added bonus with the kitchen feature. And all-night parties get better with exclusive access to the pool area!

Adventurers and soul searchers

Breaking big on the accommodations scene are Hostels – lively places that are relatively light on the pocket. Hostels provide solo travellers the novelty of new experiences and the opportunity to gain traction on the social front with co-hostellers. Today, hostels offer a choice between dormitory-style accommodation and private rooms. Be it the décor or in-house activities, such as beach picnics, yoga classes, etc., hostels sport a young vibe. Shared spaces such as the lounge area, communal dining halls are great for exchanging travel stories and seeking advice from fellow travellers.

Cozy twosomes

From heritage tea bungalows to stylish properties nestled in the lap of nature, villas and apartments make a fine choice when you and your beau want to get away from the city. Often set in Insta-worthy surroundings, these properties also offer curated experiences, such as nature walks, tea-tasting sessions, spice plantation tours etc. These properties also make a superb choice when travelling in a group with other couples, for you to stay together as a group yet maintain your privacy.

We are family

According to MakeMyTrip’s survey findings, a whopping 47% respondents prefer to book alternative accommodation on a family holiday. Villas, apartments and

homestays offer the best value for money when it comes to stays involving large groups. From family suites to self-catering cottages, there is something to suit each budget and age group, including those with mobility limitations. Fixing a quick snack for kids or customizing meals is easy with the full kitchen feature. Homestays, on the other hand, combine learning and leisure and offer an immersive home-away-from-home experience.

The corporate wayfarer

With ‘bleisure’ (business + leisure) emerging as a travel trend, the accommodations scene is booming with full-service apartments and aparthotels. Conveniently located near business hubs, these options come equipped with business conference facilities, fitness centres etc. to ensure a hassle-free, productive stay. And the kitchenette feature can be a lifesaver during longer stays, when you want to cook nutritious food rather than buying meals.

The modern Indian traveller is an intrepid explorer with a demonstrated preference for unique travel experiences. Among the fastest-growing segments in the hospitality industry, the alternative accommodations segment will continue to find a greater uptake in the travel market – and it is only going to grow bigger in the times to come.

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