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India PM (Narendra Modi) Celebrate 2020 Dev Diwali in Varanasi Nov 25th, 2020 from Amar Ujala

 PM Narendra Modi Celebrate 2020 Dev Diwali in Varanasi

Dev Diwali celebrated every year in Kashi will be special this time. Along with the twinkling of lamps on the ghats, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Kashi to see the grandeur of the decoration itself. From the boat between the waves of the Ganges, PM will not only see the amazing style of Dev Deepawali but will also observe Kashi Vishwanath. Before this, PM Modi will also address a public meeting of five thousand people in Mirzamurad. Preparations for the Prime Minister's visit have been started by the district administration. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also reaching Kashi on 27 November. After reviewing the preparations for the PM's visit, he will conduct on-site inspection.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will light the first lamp at Rajghat this time in Dev Diwali . For this, a platform is being built there. Within half an hour after the burning of this lamp, 15 lakh lamps will start burning on both sides of the Ganges and will be illuminated all over. After lighting the lamp, PM Modi will also perform Ganga Vihar.

While traveling from Rajghat to Sant Ravidas Ghat, Dev will observe the amazing view of Deepawali. By road from Sant Ravidas, via Trauma Center, you will go to Sarnath via Lanka, Sunderpur, Bareka, Manduadih, Lahartara, Cantt, Chowkaghat, Pandeypur, Ashapur. From Sarnath will leave Babatpur Airport via Ring Road.

PM will address at Rajghat

PM Modi will make a short address after lighting the first lamp under the program's initial blue print. However, during this time people will not be present on the spot, but with the sound amplifier, the voice of PM Modi will be heard at every ghat. Also, you will be able to watch live broadcasts on LED screens at major ghats.

Laser show to be held at Chet Singh Ghat

PM Modi will also enjoy a laser show organized by the Department of Tourism on Dev Diwali. For this, preparations are being made to organize a laser show on Chet Singh Fort. A jetty is also being built here.

PM will take off from helicopter in Domari

After a public meeting in Khajuri village of Mirzamurad, PM Modi will reach the village of Domri by helicopter. Here Baba Avadhoot will go on a boat from Lord Ram Ghat to Rajghat. For this, a jetty is being built at Baba Avadhoot Ram Ghat, Rajghat, Chet Singh Ghat and Sant Ravidas Ghat. In Mirzamurad, a pass will be issued to five thousand people in the PM's public meeting to be held with social distancing. Pass holders will get entry inside only.

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