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Making Sangam city beautiful ahead of Kumbh Oct 27th, 2018 from Times of India

Allahabad will now be known as Prayagraj

At a time when various walls, crossings and buildings of the city are being given a new look under the ongoing project of ‘paint my city’, the trans-Yamuna area of Naini is not lagging behind. Apart from various walls and buildings of the area, the long walls of Naini central jail and the shabby-looking main building of Naini station is now wearing a new eye-catching look. .

Among these, the long span of outer wall of the Naini Central Jail (station road) is attracting the attention of every passerby. The vibrant paintings on this wall forces every commuter to stop and take a glimpse of the artistic strokes of the brush made by the expert painters.

The long, continued span of the single painting portraits the basic gist of the Indian democracy of ‘unity in diversity’ where in various religious places including temples, churches, mosque etc are shown on the wall. Filled with vibrant colours, the places of worship shows every minute details including windows, doors, domes, flags etc. The entire painting has the blue sky at its background.

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