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Top 10 nearby Tourist Places of Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar, India

Top 10 nearby Tourist Places of Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar, India

Nalanda (190 KM, 4 Hrs by drive)

Nalanda is famous for ancient Nalanda University Complex . You can visit here Xuan Zang Memorial Hall and other archaeological ruins.

Rajgir (190 KM, 4 Hrs by drive)

Rajgir is famous Buddhist Pilgrimage place in India. It is also ancient capital of Magadh Empire. You can visit here many tourist attractions like Griddhakuta , Bimbisar Prison , Venuvan , Saptaparni Caves and Hot Springs .

Patna (250 KM, 5 Hrs by drive)

Patna is ancient capital of Magadh Empire. You can visit here Kumrahar , Patna Sahib Gurudwara , Gol Ghar , Patna Museum and Khuda Baksh Library .

Bodhgaya (280 KM, 5 Hrs by drive)

Bodhgaya is famous as Place of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. In Bodhgaya, you can visit Buddhist pilgrimage places which are equally important for all religions as cultural heritage, Visit here Mahabodhi Temple & Mahabodhi Tree (Peepal Tree under which Lord Buddha got enlightenment). You can also seek some spirituality in Buddhist Monasteries like Japanese Monastery and Tibetan Monastery .

Gaya (280 KM, 5 Hrs by drive)

Gaya is a homage place for Hindus and has many ancient Hindu Temples like Vishnupad Temple . You can enjoy serene atmosphere of River Phalgu along which Pind Daan is offered to ancestors in Pitru-paksha in Hindu religion.

Ranchi (290 KM, 6 Hrs)

Some of the Places to Visit in Ranchi are Triambak Pleatue , Panch Gagh Falls , Hudru Falls , Muta Crocodile Breeding Centre , Birsa Zoological Park and Birsa Munda Memorial .

Kolkata (350 KM, 7 Hrs)

Kolkata is famous as City of Joy. You can visit here Victoria Memorial & Kali Temples . There are lots of things to do in Kolkata . Enjoy here cultural heritage and miss not to visit Durga Puja during Dussehra festival .

Varanasi (500 KM, 10 Hrs by drive)

Varanasi is one of the most famous Hindu Pilgrimage places in India. It is called the Oldest Living City of World and Cultural Capital of India. You can visit here Ghats of Varanasi , enjoy Boat Rides, and perform rituals like Mangala Arti in Kashi Vishwanath Temple , Pind daan at Ghats , Evening Ganga Arti , visit Temples of Varanasi , enjoy cultural Photography and explore Indian traditions like cremation on World’s Largest Cremation place Manikarnika Ghat .

Kushinagar (500 KM, 10 Hrs by drive)

Kushinagar is famous for statues of Reclining Buddha which is built in memory of Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha . Visit here Mukutbandhan Chaitya also called Rambhar Stupa , Mahaparinirvana Temple and other tourist attractions .

Kathmandu (580 KM, 10 Hrs by drive)

It is capital of Nepal . You can visit here Kathmandu Valley dotted with picturesque beauty, Pashupati Nath Temple , Buddhist Stupas & monastery and natural beauty of Himalayas.

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