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Know why every tourist in Varanasi should visit Tulsi Ghat

Tulsi Ghat is not just another ghat of Varanasi but one of the important tourist places. The cultural legacy of Tulsi Ghat speaks volumes about its spiritual stature. It is believed to be the place where the medieval saint Tulsi Das composed the Awadhi version of the holy epic poem Ramcharitmanas.

Legend has it :-
Long time ago, when Goswami Tulsi Das finished writing Ramcharitmanas, the manuscript slipped from his hands and fell right into the Ganges. The manuscript, however, did not get inundated by the waters of Ganga and kept floating on the surface until it was retrieved. According to lore, Ram Lila, a theatrical account of Lord Rama’s life was staged at the Tulsi Ghat for the first time in India. After this incident a temple dedicated to Lord Rama was constructed at the site to mark the occasion. .

For a tourist :-
For the sake of posterity, the mortal remains of Tulsi Das have been stored at this spot, and so are his wooden clogs, pillow, and an idol of Lord Hanuman. Ghat-hopping tourists in Varanasi can visit this site for an enriching experience, especially around Diwali, when a large gathering of devotees throng Tulsi Ghat to witness the grand stage portrayal of Krishna Leela. People who come here and pray for progeny, long life and freedom from leprosy, the sacred waters of Lolark Kunda located close to the ghat, do the trick.

So if you're really lucky, you may even have your prayers fulfilled.

How to visit:-
Take an auto/cycle-rickshaw or taxi to Assi Road. Tulsi Ghat is located close to Assi Ghat in Shivala.