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Ten Tips for Indian Pilgrims

Monday, Feb 8, 2016

India is a colorful country with mixture of different colors of religion. India is the birthplace of several religions and those religions are widely spread all round the globe. There is a smell of tradition in the soil and the fragrance of religious beliefs in the air of India.

Being the birthplace of several religions there are a number of pilgrimage destination in India. Lakhs and lakhs of visitors visit India from far and near every year. Foreigners visit India for enjoying the traditional and religious atmosphere.

Some of the hot pilgrimage spot in India are :- Vaishno Devi, Amarnath Yatra, Golden temple, Ajmer Sharif, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Sarnath, Kailash Mansarovar, Jagannath Puri, Sabarimala, Pushkar, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Allahabad, Ayodhya, Gurudwara, Taj Mahal and many more.

Followings are the 10 tips which should be keep in mind for the first time visitors to visit India.

1.Ensure You Are Medically Fit :-
The first and foremost thing which should be must ensure before pilgrimage tour is the physical fitness as some of the most popular sites are on high altitude. Some of the tourists spot are in the places having dry climate, some are in the places where snowfall is common thing. So, physical fitness is important for the journey. Now, at some places where the site is on the high altitude, helicopters are available. And the person who is not able to climb on the high altitude uses helicopter to visit those places.

2.Modest Dressing is Advised :-
Tourists are advised to wear modest dress. It is advised not to wear shorts or halter neck top as wearing these types of dresses hurts the religious sentiments. Tourists are advised to keep their own legs and arms covered with cloth because this shows respect to the religious sentiments of the site you are visiting.

3.Stay Vigil :-
Due to over crowd at various religious places tourists are advised to stay always vigil. At various tourist spot pilgrims, porters, vendors, horses and locals togetherely make the place over crowded. Tourists must take care of their luggage or any belongings during their visit, especially at crowded places. Also tourists are advised to keep eye on their belongings when you are on horse cart or when the luggage is in the hand of porter. Keeping all these things in mind makes your journey comfortable and free from mishap.

4.Choose the right kind of Footwear :-
Tourists are advised not to wear slippers and flip-flops as some of the spots are on sharp height. Wearing slippers makes the journey uncomfortable and unsafe. Wearing of proper trekking shoe is a good option for the journey as this type of shoe makes your journey comfortable and safe. Also proper footwear makes you less tired. So, during tour it is also necessary to choose proper footwear.

5.Carry the Right Peripherals :-
Carry only useful things for light weight luggage, which makes your journey comfortable. At the time of tour, it is necessary to be in your bag are- useful medicines, sun shades, an umbrella, a water bottle, identity proof, a hat/cap and few munchies. Carrying lot of things may feel yourself burdened during journey which would lessen your enjoyment. So, it’s wise to carry the right peripherals.

6.Be Friendly With your Guide :-
It is necessary to be friendly with your tourist guide, if you are with guide during your tour. Being friendly with you guide will add flavor to your journey as guide is the people who knows each and every minor and major thing about the places where you are roaming. Rude behavior to guide as well as local must be strictly avoided. One more thing advised to the tourists is that, never try to be over friendly with the guide.

7.Respect Local Religious Sentiments:-
India is well known for its culture, tradition and religious beliefs. Indians have deep faith in its religion. Tourists are advised to respect the religious sentiments of the locals at the place where they are visiting. Visitors have to follow the tradition or the rule of the Gurudwara or the temple or the mosque. Tradition like one should cover their head before entering into the Gurudwara, one should enter temple with bare foot and many more thing. These traditions or the rules are nothing but the way to respect God.

8.Look Out For Crooks And Touts:-
It is also a noticeable thing during the tour. Crooks and touts are present at the pilgrimage destinations to make money from the visitors or tourists. Therefore, tourists are advised to be aware of the crooks. Crooks or touts wants to be friendly with you. So, it is necessary to avoid those people, who want to be over friendly during the visit or the tour. A simple care can make your whole journey free from all the evils.

9.Take precaution for your safety:-
Take the preliminary precaution of safety. Avoid going alone in lonely areas. Keep few contact number handy.

10.Keep prior information of the places you are visiting.:-
Have some information about the places, sightseeing before the start of journey, so that no important places should be missed and can cover utmost in that duration of visit.