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Top 5 Short Treks to waterfall in Rishikesh

Top 5 Short Treks to waterfall in Rishikesh for Your Weekend Trip

Do you admire the beauty of the mountains and love adventures? Then, one-day treks from Rishikesh are for you especially to the beautiful waterfall in Rishikesh. Feel the natural beauty, scenic landscape, and serenity in abundance. Let’scheck the bestShort Treks to waterfall from Rishikesh for your weekend trips.

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Trekking to the Neer Gaddu/ Neer Garh Waterfalls from Rishikesh(3 Km Trek)

Trek Distance – 3 KM

Do you want to warm up yourself ? Neer Gaddu Waterfall Trekis recommended for you. This short trek is mid-level trek just 10 kilometers from Rishikesh. This is a trek that you can also take with family, friends or kids. You can extend your walk from LakshmanJhula Bridge to NeerGaddu Waterfall. The most beautiful scenery along the way is terrace farming fields on the Himalayas. Reach the Neer Village named after the waterfall, and chat with locals for hilarious travel memories. NeerGaddu Waterfall from Tapovan is 6 km, and a good exercise to shed your belly fat.

Trek to the Patna Waterfalls from Rishikesh(6 Km Trek)

Trek Distance – 6 KM

This is a more majestic waterfall than Neer Garh Waterfall. However, it is easier, and a walk of around 5 kilometers from Lakshman Jhula Bridge. Run along the River Ganga and walk for about 4 kilometers along the scenic mountain road. Then, walk on steep upward slopes for 1 Km to reach the Patna Waterfall. Count the streams, trees, villages, small shops, and captivating beauty of choreographic rocks.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple Trek from Rishikesh (14 Km Trek)

Day Trek to Kunjapuri Devi Mandir from Rishikesh (18 Km Trek)

Surkanda Devi Temple Trek from Rishikesh(2.5 Km Trek)

So, gear up with your gears for Top 5 Short Treks from Rishikesh!

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