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Best places to eat in Kolkata, India

Park Street is the most famous place to eat in Kolkata. One can find eateries serving delicious authentic Bengali cuisine, Indian and other international cuisines. Most of the famous foods of Kolkata are over hundred-years-old. You can get Kathi kebab the most famous fast-food in Kolkata at the Hogg Market, New Market area and Elgin Street. Sea food and Mughalai delicacies are served in almost every restaurant of the city. The street food of Kolkata like rolls, chops and puchka (paanipuri or golgappa) flourishes throughout the city are extremely delicious.

Flurry’s on Park Street is one of the best Swiss bakeries of Kolkata. Cafes in Kolkata are extremely popular. Indian Coffee House is the most famous coffee shop where the intellectuals of the city meet. Bengali milk sweets like rasagulla, misthidoi, sandesh, and ras-malai, are served at its best in Kolkata. They are found almost everywhere in the city.

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