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Top 5 Tourist Places in Kaushambi, UP, India

Top 5 Tourist Places in Kaushambi, UP, India

Though small district, Kaushambi has great historical and pilgrimage value in India. City developed during Later Vedic periods of Indian history and flourished during mighty reigns of Great Mauryan and Gupta Emperors of India.

It was a junction for various trade routes of Ancient India. It was hub of several religious developments in the sub-continent like Buddhism and Jainism along with Later Vedic traditions of India.

Though there are numerous pilgrimage and tourist sites in Kaushambi in India , we list here Top 5 Tourist and Pilgrimage places of Kaushambi.

Digambar Jain Temple, Kaushambi

Digamabar Jain Temple is another famous pilgrimage site of Jain Religion. It is dedicated to 6th Tirthankara, Lord Padma Prabhu. Digamabr Jain Temple is dedicated to the Digambar Sect of Jain Religion. Digambarliterally translates to ‘Under Sky’. Broadly it means followers of Mahavir Jain who are not clad. Jain Temple was built in 1834.

Temple is famous for housing footprints of 6th Tirthankara of Jain Religion Lord Padma Prabhu. It has many idols of the 6th Tirthankara.

Temple sees thousands of devotees on the occasion of Jain Festivals.

Old Kaushambi Archaeological Ruins

Old Kaushambi is located little apart from the main Kaushambi City. It is a place of excavations. Here you can easily look old habitations and excavated places. There are many strata of excavated findings which showthe level of development duringvarious phases of human settlements. This is the places you can take a glimpse of how Aryans used to live in Later Vedic times.

Coins, sculptures and several other artifacts found here shows different aspects of life along with beliefs and life-style of ancient Indian. Excavations of the ruins revealed the existence of gates on three sides; east, west and north. Fortifications and moats show the safety measures taken during Mahajanapada Period and administration.Place is nice for History and Culture Lovers.

Buddhist Pilgrimage in Kaushambi

Ghositaram Monastery or Ghosita Ram Vihara is famous for its association with times of Buddha. According to the history of the places one rich merchant named Ghoshita Ram who was a great follower of Lord Buddha . Ghoshita Ram Vihara finds mention in Buddhist Literature. Vihara was constructed by him for stay of Lord Buddha and his disciples in 6th Rainy Season.

Sheetla Mata Temple in Kaushambi

Sheetla Mata Temple in Kaushambi is about 1000 year old ancient temple. You can see here Goddess Sheetla sitting on an Ass (her ride). Adjacent to Sheetala Temple you can see the remains of ruler Jayachanda. People from all walks of life come here to have a glimpse of the goddess.

Durga Devi Temple, Kaushambi

It is believed that Durga Devi Temple exists at the place from 4th Century BC. There are 2 Black Stone idols of Devi Durga and Lord Shiva. These are the most revered deities of Hinduism. Existence of these deities shows prevalence of form of worship at that time. Durga Devi Temple is located at a distance of around 1 Km in south-west of Manjhapur town area. Temple has widely prevalent beliefs regarding worship traditions of Goddess Durga. Temple is one of the most visited religious places of Kaushambi.

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