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Famous Gardens of Delhi, India

Famous Gardens of Delhi

   What is Garden of five senses in Delhi, India?

The Garden of the Five Senses one of the breathtaking garden inaugurated in February 2003 is situated in the Said-ul-Ajaib village ; near Mehrauli-Badarpur is a recently developed garden in Delhi. The garden is constructed in an area of over 20 acres and is open all seven days in a week. During the celebrations of festivals such as Food festivals, Garden tourism festival, Dandiya festivals etc the garden appears into full bloom. This garden serves as a venue for the above mentioned festivals. Above and beyond this, the garden also hosts various cultural programs during several occasions. Garden of five senses is one of the famous gardens of Delhi.

   Why is the name “Garden of five senses, Delhi, India?

As is very clear from the name only, the Garden of the five Senses is developed in such a way that it arouses the five senses of human beings with its beauty and creativity. We all very well know that we human beings have five senses such as Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell and Sight. In this garden is offered everything for all our five senses to be able to use them and enjoy to the fullest.

   The Gardens of Delhi, India

To overcome the rising pollution Delhi is fast being converted into a concrete jungle, in spite of this the Delhi Development Authority is trying best to provide the residents of Delhi with some greenery by construction of parks and gardens. Not only this has the DDA also installed some musical fountains at definite locations which are worth visiting.

   Mughul Gardens of Delhi, India

Mughal garden is not opened for the public throughout the year. Only during February and March, which is the spring seasons and when the garden is in full bloom people are allowed to enter the garden. The basic specialty of the garden is that it has some exotic and rare flower plants. The special attraction of this garden is the dwarf orange trees and numerous Rose plants. There are fountains in the garden which add beauty to the garden.

   Rose Garden of Delhi, India

Located in the Chanakya Puri area of the capital, National Rose Garden is best visited during December / January when the flowers are in full bloom. As is clear from the name itself Rose garden is the garden of roses with some of the rare and imported variety of rose.

   Lodhi Garden of Delhi, India

Lodhi Garden is next to the India International Center in the region of the tombs of Sayid and Lodhi rulers. Lodhi Garden is a perfectly designed garden with artificial streams. The Tombs of the rulers embellish the architectural style which was later used in the construction of Taj Mahal.

   The Zoo :

The Zoo of Delhi is situated on the Delhi-Mathura road near the Purana Qila. In the zoo you will find a number of animals and birds. Some of the animals are very rare. In this zoo you can also see the rare and exotic white tigers. Zoo is the place which is particularly famous among children, as it is something which can be really enjoyed by them only.

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