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Chhapaiya Mahotsav in Chhapaiya, Uttar Pradesh India

Chhapaiya Mahotsav in Chhapaiya, Uttar Pradesh India

When Chhapaiya Mahotsav is celebrated?

Chhapaiya Mahotsav is celebrated in the last week of October and first week of November.

How to Reach Chhapaiya Mahotsav Venue?

Chhapaiya Mahotsav is celebrated at the birthplace of Swami Narayan Temple in Chhapaiya . You can reach Chhapaiya by train, bus and flights from different places of India.

Nearest airport to Chhapaiya is Lucknow Airport (190 KM). Another Airport near Chhapaiya is Gorakhpur Airport (150 KM). You can take buses/private vans from Chhapaiya.

NOTE: Chhapaiya has helipad of its own for foreign dignitaries and VIP guests.

Chhapaiya Mahotsav 2017

Tuesday 31 Oct 2017 - Saturday 04 Nov 2017

What is special about Chhapaiya Mahotsav?

Pothi Yatra is one of the most vibrant facets of Chhapaiya Mahotsav . It is a religious rally rounded in nearby villages with the aim of spreading awareness among villagers about various matters.

Cultural Events like folk songs, folk dances and religious activity are another aspect of Chhapaiya Mahotsav.

You can also enjoy local street food in Chhapaiya Mahotsav.

Where to stay in Chhapaiya?

Holy Voyages arranges for pre-booked accommodation in Chhapaiya as thousands of pilgrims and visitors reach Chhapaiya during festival and it is hard to find instant accommodation bookings.

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