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Nearby Places in Ayodhya , India

Nearby Places in Ayodhya

Gonda :

Gonda which is 44 km from Ayodhya is famous Devi Patan temple . During the Mahabharata period in honour of his father, the Sun, a tank near the Stemple is believed to be made by Karan.

Bara Banki :

famous for the mausoleum of a Sufi Saint, Syed Haji Ali Waris Shah is situated 107 km from Ayodhya. The place is a fusion of Indo-Iranian architecture, built in 1905 AD.

Faizabad :

Faizabad known for its beautiful buildings is located at 7 km from Ayodhya. Faizabad was developed as a township nearly 220 years ago, during the reign of Safdar Jung, the second Nawab of Avadh, who laid its foundation by making it his army headquarters. Siraj-ud-daula, his successor settled at Faizabad after 1764 and built a fort known as Chhota Calcutta, now in ruins. In 1765, he built the Chowk and Tripaulia and subsequently laid out the Anguribagh, Motibagh, Asafbagh and Bulandbagh. During the reign of Siraj-ud-daula, Faizabad attained prosperity which it never saw again. The glory of Faizabad eclipsed with the shifting of capital from Faizabad to Lucknow by Nawab Asaf-ud-daula. The principal achievement of the period was the mausoleum of Siraj-ud-daula, known as Gulab Bari. It is a striking building of fine properties and stands in a garden surrounded by a wall, approachable through two large gateways. Siraj-ud-daula’s wife was well known as Bahu Begum, who married the Nawab in 1743 and continued to reside in Faizabad. The tomb of Bahu Begum is located at Jawaharbagh. It is considered to be one of the finest buildings of its kind in Avadh, which was built at the cost of three lakh rupees by her chief advisor Darab Ali Khan. A fine view of the city can be had from top of the tomb. Most of the Muslim buildings at Faizabad are attributed to the Bahu Begum. The more notable buildings are Gulab Bari, Moti Mahal, Khurshid Mahal, Dilkusha and Tomb of Bahu Begum.

Punyahari :

Punyahari is located in the village of Punhad about 19km from Shringi rishi. The place is known for its archaeological antiquities.

Shringi Rishi Ashram :

It is located about 38 km from Ayodhya in Faizabad District, U.P, India. It is situated on the banks of river Saryu. It is a beautiful scenic spot. It is said that Sage Shringi had performed the putrakameshti yagna for king Dashrath at this place.

Bharat Kund :

Bharat Kund , at Nandigram (20 km from Ayodhya) is said to be the place where Bharat ruled while Ram was in exile for 14 years.

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