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The Bundelkhand Circuit

The romance and magic of Bundelkhand are still alive today rugged palaces and forts, tough, valiant and courageous people make a visit to this land a magical experience.

Tales of chivalry and valour bear a silent testimony to the splendour of an era long gone by.

Bithoor :

  • A small temple town on the outskirts of Kanpur, on the bank of the Ganga.
  • Take a quick trip around Valmiki Ashram, Brahmavart Ghat, Dhruv Teela and Nana Saheb’s palace.
  • A grand view of the vast expanse of the Ganga on sunrise and sunset.

Chitrakoot :

  • Famed in Hindu mythology and the Ramayana as the place where Lord Ram spent years in exile.
  • This holy town along the Mandakini River is spread over U.P. and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Visitors say they tranquillity and peace of mind as soon as they reach Chitrakoot.
  • Hanuman Dhara, Kamad Giri, Sphatik Shila and Ram Ghat are must-see places.

Jhansi :

  • Jhansi is the gateway to the legendary Bundelkhand region known for tales of valour and courage
  • It is linked with the legend of Rani Laxmibai who at the age of 22 had led freedom fighters against the British
  • A picturesque town overseen by the majestic Jhansi Fort, it has several temples and lakes

Kalinjar :

  • About 280 km from Jhansi, close to Banda, this fort town had strategic importance during medieval times
  • The Kalinjar Fort, situated at a height of 700 ft, is a veritable historical treasure house
  • The picturesque Vindhya ranges give it a charm which will linger in your memory for a long time
  • The Neelkanth Temple, legend says, is built at the spot where Lord Shiva, after consuming poison that emerged from the churning of ocean, came to rest for some time

Mahoba :

  • It is small town known for its myriad lakes and temples situated on hills and valleys
  • The impregnable hilltop fort and the man-made lakes built by Chandela kings are engineering feats.
  • The Alha-Udal ballads narrating tales of valour of the Bundela warriors owe their origin from Mahoba.
  • The Sun Temple at Rahila is a unique 9th century granite structure.

Bundelkhand Circuit also offers festivals and folk music that can allure tourists and energise. Alha, Kajali are folk songs while there is a big number of Folk dances. These are organised time to time and are published in local newspapers.

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