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Sonepur Cattle Fair

Sonepur Town at Saran District of Bihar in India is famous for its Cattle Fair that is held annually. The Fair is held on Kartik Poornima (the full moon day) in November. Kartik Poornima is celebrated 15 days after the Diwali Festival in India. Fair is spread over 15 days and sometimes to month. It is also famous as Harihar Kshetra Mela and it attracts visitors from across Asia.

Sonepur Cattle Fair is mainly famous for large number of Elephants bought and sold in fair. These elephants are mostly brought from neighbouring Assam state and are mesmerizingly decorated with bright colours.

Sonepur Cattle Fair 2017 : Sonepur Cattle Fair is going to start on November 16 in 2017.

Location of Sonepur in Bihar India : Sonepur Town is located 25 Kilometres away from Patna the state capital of Bihar. It is easily accessible by road, rail or air transport from across India.

Facts about of Sonepur Cattle Fair :

District Saran
State Bihar
Country India
Rivers along Which Sonepur is located Ganges and Gandak

History of Sonepur Cattle Fair :
It is said that Sonepur was the place where Lord Vishnu appeared to save Gaja or elephant from the clutches of Graha, the crocodile. From the time a temple named Hariharnath came into existence and a fair was being organised to commemorate the vent of saving of elephant. Perhaps it is the reason why elephants are seen in abundance in this fair.

Sonepur was a good and fertile plain near Pataliputra, the ancient capital of Magadha Empire that was the most powerful in 3 -4th century BC. Mauryan Rulers maintained a huge army. To fulfil requirements of Mauryan Army elephants were brought for sale from distant places and nearby forests. Sonepur used to provide a suitable place for merchants and traders for upkeep of animals as it had river as a source of water and grasses and fodder from plains. Chandragupta Maurya (340 BC – 298 BC) used to buy elephants for his army from the same place where Sonepur exists today. Horses were brought from central Asia and Arab Countries that were famous for good breeds of horses and elephants from Asom presently Assam and nearby forests. Thus, Sonepur fair was a big source of economy and maintaining needs of Mauryan Army. The same fair has been in existence from that time.

The fair become more prominent when Aurangzeb ruled India and organised his ambitious South India Expeditions.

British residents come to enjoy folk traditions in Sonepur in colonial times of Indian History.

About Sonepur Fair :
Sonepur Cattle Fair would provide you a glimpse into the diversity of India and how its rich heritage has preserved the things coming from past and transferred it through generations. Whole are is spread over 4 miles and attracts millions of people and animals. Whole Sonepur Town comes to a new life when all kinds of animals and large number of tourists gather in Sonpur.

The Fair attracts International Visitors from countries like France, Italy, US, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Kazakhstan, Austria and Portugal. Sonepur is largest cattle fair held in Asia till date in terms of size. People from all over the world come and enjoy the life in Sonepur in festival season. Sonepur Fair is also unique as it is the only fair where such a large number of tourists are sold. These are mainly purchased by different forest departments and people involved with logging operations and sometimes independent traders. A large number of camel, horses, bulls, cows and other livestock are brought for sale at the fair.

Besides you can also find all articles required in life from household goods, jewelry, weapons, agricultural equipment, clothes, furniture, decorative items, souvenirs and so on.

You can enjoy a pristine beauty of rural landscape that is far from hue and cry of cities. Mango orchards, lush green paddy fields, tall corns in fields rural lifestyle and common folk of remote parts of India besides taming cattle traders, grunting camels, bleating goats, meowing sheep and braying bulls.

Nearly all kinds and all breeds of animals from smallest rats to elephants are sold in this fair.

So, pack your luggage and visit Sonepur with us. You would get opportunity for fair viewing, elephant ride, motor boat ride in river Gandak and food at the tourist village.

Top Things to do in Sonepur

Sonepur At a Glance
  • Coordinates:25.7°N-85.18°E to 25.7°N- 85.18°E
  • Country :India
  • State:Bihar
  • District:Saran
  • Topography:Gangetic Plains
  • Time zone:IST (GMT+5:30)
  • PIN:IST (GMT+5:30)
  • Telephone code:+91-6158
  • Languages:Bhojpuri, Hindi, Magadhi, Maithili
  • Vehicle registration:BR-04
  • Planning agency:Patna Regional Development Authority
  • Civic agency:Municipal Council of Sonpur
  • Rivers:Ganges, Gandak