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Best time to visit Kathmandu, Nepal

September-November is the best time to visit Kathmandu. Since this is the period when the dry season starts and also the air is clean and the weather is pleasant so for touring this is the best time and best season to visit Kathmandu. As this time is the time for festivities and so a lot of cheerfulness is there in the air. What comes in our mind while visiting Kathmandu is when to visit Kathmandu? So answer is very simple, December and January should be avoided as the cold sets in and lasts till the end of January.

February-April is the second best time as this period is the tail end of the dry season. During this period the air is fresh with the flowers bursting into bloom and again this is a lovely time to be in Kathmandu. The monsoons begin from May and at that time the heavy rains hit the city - this irregular rain goes on till August. During monsoon season it is inconvenient to take part in outdoor activities, so this period should be avoided.

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