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Importance of Maha Kumbh Festival 2021 in Haridwar

Importance of Maha Kumbh Festival 2021 in Haridwar - Astrological, Religious, Spiritual

Maha Kumbh after 12 years become more special. So, Maha kumbh 2021 in Haridwar is a celebration of astrology, traditions, faith, and religion. The most important event of Kumbh is Shahi Snan (bathing ritual). So, have you made up your mind to take a dip in the ocean of faith and spirituality? If yes, plan your Maha kumbh 2021 Haridwar Trip according to bathing dates.

Why Shahi Snan (Bathing Ritual) in Maha kumbh 2021 is Special?

On the date of Shahi Snan, Naga Sadhu in thousands participates in the early morning bathing ritual. No one is allowed to see the Naga Sadhu while taking a bath and the general public is allowed only after them. Naga Akhada Procession in Maha Kumbh 2021 in Haridwar is going to be the main attraction of Shahi Snan.

Any tradition has a deeper and greater meaning so, is the Shahi Snan or Bathing Ritual in Kumbh Mela 2021 in Haridwar. Religious people believe it a way to washing off their sins whereas bathing in natural waters of River Ganga on a particular day can have special chemical properties. The Ganges is the savor of millions. So, the planetary positions have effects on our body in a different way due to their particular location. This is why a bath inKumbh Mela Haridwar and worship of Sun is recommended. The planetary positions at particular time,give an atmosphere, for the spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Bathing Dates for Kumbh Haridwar

Three Important Days of Shahi Snan in Maha Kumbh 2021 Haridwar

1st Shahi Snan -Makar Sankranti

Not only in maha kumbh but as usual Makar Sankranti holds special significance across India. It sees festivals in different parts of the country. However, the significance of bath on Makar Sankranti in Haridwar maha Kumbh 2021 holds immense importance due to the fact Sun enters Tropic of Cancer and the days become longer and night short. Legends hold it that, doors of heaven are opened for devotees on this day. By taking a bath in Holy River Ganga, souls are liberated.

2nd Shahi Snan -Mauni Amavasya

Mauni Amavasya is the new moon day Magh (January) month of Hindu calendar. This is the Second Shahi Snan in Maha Kumbh 2021 in Haridwar. People fling to take bath in the holy river. According to legends, Lord Brahma brought up the first human (Manu) on earth and first female Shatrupa to create the world. The day has special spiritual merit as people keep Silence Fast (Mauna Vrata) in service of Lord Vishnu. Millions of believers stand on paths to see a glimpse of the procession, great saints, and seek blessings.

3rd Shahi Snan -Vasant Panchami

This is the most important and Third Shahi Snan in Mahakumbh 2021 in Haridwar. This is also the day dedicated to Goddess Saraswati and marks the beginning of Vasant Ritu (Spring Season). Millions of devotees bathe in Holy River Ganges on the occasion of Shahi Snan in Kumbh Mela. People pay their respect by offering ritual items to the river.

Other Sahi Snan Dates

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Care for Holy River Ganga ,Please don’t throw plastics and ritual items in the River Ganga. Keep the river clean!

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Top Things to do in Haridwar

Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2025
Main Shahi Snan Dates/Special Bathing Dates
14/15 Jan 2025 Makar Sankranti
(1st Shahi Snan)
13 Jan 2025 Paush Purnima
29 Jan 2025 Mauni Amavasya (Main Royal Bath-2nd Shahi Snan)
03 Feb 2025 Basant Panchami
(3rd Shahi Snan)
12 Feb 2025 Maghi Purnima
26 Feb 2025 Maha Shivratri

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