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Shopping tour packages in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India

Varanasi is a rich city with bustling markets and weekly local markets. Each and every street of Varanasi is filled with variety of goods. Situation is that many of its streets have become synonyms of some type of products. So, shopping in such a City is an exclusive opportunity where everyone would like to hop on.

Variety of shopping Goods on the streets of Varanasi :

Shopping in Varanasi Markets which are filled with intricately embroidered brocade silk sarees, gold and silver jewelry, carpets, musical instruments, wonderful pieces of metal work, wooden and clay toys, pottery, ceramics, scrape dealings, antique designs and much more fills your senses with fascination. Wall hangings, inlay works, statues of gods and goddesses, wide range of collectibles, souvenirs, jerry cans for carrying Gangajal, clothing, fashion accessories, gift baskets, gadgets and gizmos and many more are attractions and affordable for all rich and poor.

In another attraction there are markets filled with mouth-watering, delicious and yummy recipes and edibles. Many of the streets of Varanasi are renowned for famous street food or any edible and are called on the name of same food. Khatta-Meetha, Pani-puri, chat, golgappa, samosa, kachoris, papad, pickles, jalebi and other sweets fill many of streets and let no one go hungry.

Best Markets for shopping in Varanasi :

The shopping hotspots in Varanasi are Chowk, GyanVapi, VishwanathGali, Thatheri Bazar, Lahurabir, Godowlia or DashswamedhGali and Golghar.

Hurry! go to the markets fill your sacs and return chewing BanarasiPaan.

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