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Pind Daan Package in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India

Varanasi City has been a place of rituals performed to liberate the souls of dear ones. Thousands of corpses are cremated here in hope that they would attain salvation. Such is the belief attached to performing last rites in Varanasi.

Type of Pind daan:

Pind- Daan is one such ritual performed by Hindus in order to get their departed loving souls a place in heaven. Pind-Daan is performed after the death and in the month called Pitrupaksha/Pitripaksha.

Various Pind Daan rituals for different purpose in Varanasi :

People gather in the City of Salvation for Pind-Daan. Pind-Daans are of different kinds. Our package includes all types of Pind-Daan performance. Bali Pind Daan, Naag Bali Pind Daan, Kal Sarp Yog Puja, Bhari Pind Daan, Avidhwa Navami Pind Daan, Karmang Nandi Pind Daan, Vruddhi Pind Daan, Goshthi Pind Daan, Shuddhi Pind Daan, Pushti Pind Daan, Yatra Pind Daan, Dadhi Pind Daan, Ashtaka Pind Daan, Daivik Pind Daan,Hiranya Pind Daan, Hast Pind Daan, Atma Pind Daan, Ghata Pind Daan and the most importantly Sarvapitri Tirth Mahalaya Pind Daan are being performed by our hired priests.

According to timings there are 2 forms of Pind Daan; Krishna Paksha Pind Daana and Shukla Pasha Pind Daan. We make arrangements for each of the mentioned forms of Pind Daan. Our representative also manages for extensive meal to required number of Brahmin priest. The materials required for performing Pind Daan will be included in Pind Daan Package like offerings, arrangements for utensils, fire for rituals etc. We also arrange for safe and comfortable accommodation at Varanasi City star hotels.

When it comes of Varanasi you opt for our best Pind Daan services. Make sure your departed ones rest in peace. It is said that performing Pind Daan in Varanasi brings wealth, prosperity and well-being to home.

Holy Voyages offers Varanasi Pind-Daan packages which are One day to Fort nightly packages with full arrangements for performance of Pind-Daan in Varanasi City.

Different Types of Daan to poor people and Brahmins while performing pind daan in Varanasi :

Holy Voyages Helps you to arrange different types of Daan given to poor people and Brahmins like Ann Daan (Food donation) , Sejia Daan ( Bed and other necessity items donation) and Gau Daan ( Cow donation). Click to know more about daan given while Pind daan.

List of Pind Daan in Varanasi Tour Package

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