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Pandemics Death Ritual Pooja (specially for covid-19) India

Pandemics Death Ritual Pooja (specially for covid-19) India

God gave mankind the intellect to create or overcome horrific adversities. We must respect and trust in His Word, praying Lord let thy will be done most mercifully, and deliver us from the evil of COVID-19

Make social distancing not spiritual distancing :

Is God being socially distanced? Does not locking the doors of houses of worship substitute faith with fear? Not so! Social distancing is emphatically not the same as spiritual distancing.

God’s anger equalises humanity. All faiths, whether Islam , Jainism , Buddhism or even Hinduism believe in equity and justice for all. We should pray for , his power, a source of healing and peace."

"This is a global pandemic and our focus is on protecting lives of people humanity by providing online such Poojas and Navgrah dosh rituals special rituals for death due to Covid-19 – a pandemic.

"We are still providing counselling services and social support online to very isolated people by different way death rituals rites.

God can’t simply prevent the coronavirus – or any other natural evils – single handedly but requires “our participation and cooperation” to fight it.

Since the day the Temple was destroyed the gates of prayer were locked … though the gates of prayer were locked, the gates of tears were not locked we are always able to cry out to God and that in times of heart break, there are still powerful ways to connect spiritually.

Death Ritual Services Booking


Ritual Services Pind Daan /Asthi Visarjan / Shradh Cost
Asthi Visarjan 2000/-INR
Pind Daan 4000/-INR
Narayan Bali Shradh 15990/-INR
Nagbali Shardh - 15990/-INR
Tripindi Shradh - 15990/-INR

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