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Tourism and Pilgrimage in Naimisharanya

Since, Naimisharanya is a place with evidences of earliest pilgrimage in India; it is obvious that people would wish to visit the pilgrimage town once in their lifetime to get a place in heavens that is desired by many devout. Naimisharanya have many temples and religious shrines that is revered and adored by Hindus. It is mentioned in many scriptures that several of rituals have been performed by mythological characters of Hinduism.

To give you a brief description about what to see in Naimisharanya here is a list:

Chakrathirth :
Chakra Tirth is a circular waterbody considered sacred in Naimisharanya. People come here to take a holy dip in the water body. It is believed to be the pond of knowledge and finds mention in ancient scriptures like Mahabharata, Skand Purana and Brahma Purana. It was the place where wheel thrown by Lord Brahma stopped. Along Pond are ancient temples of many deities. It is believed that the wheel submerged into the earth and a water spring emerged at the place. The spring was so forceful that sages reached Lord Brahma to control its flow of water. Then Lord Brahma advised Lalita Devi to reestablish the Chakra and regulate the flow of water. People gather here in large numbers on Somvati Amavasya. You can visit here Bhooteshwarnath Temple, Sootgaddi, Chakranarayan temple, Badrinarayan temple, Shivalay Bhairav ji and Kashikund.

Hanuman Garhi :Near the Pandav Qila (Fort) there is huge statue of Hanuman ji who is one of the most revered gods of Hinduism. It is said that it was the same place where Hanuman Ji emerged from Patal Loka after conquering demon Ahiravan who had abdicated Young Rama and Lakshmana. To visualize the event there is huge statue of Hanuman Ji with Rama and Lakshmana sitting on his shoulders. So, it is one of the pilgrimage places of Hinduism. There, one can see statues of Ganesh Ji, Makardhwaj etc. The temple is also called Dakshineshwar Hanuman ji as the statue of Hanuman Ji is facing towards South.

Pandav Qila :
On the south west side of Chakratrith there is fort of Pandavas the famous characters of epic Mahabharata on the bank of River Gomti. Legend goes that, this Qila (fort) was of King Virat of Mahabharata. It is believed that Pandavas stayed here during their exile. There, you can see statues of Pandavas along with Lord Krishna. It is said that in 1305 AD, this fort was rebuilt by a Hindu Minister of Alauddin Khilji

Lalita Devi Temple :
It is believd that Goddess Lalita appeared on advice of Lord Brahma twice here. Once to control the water of Chakra tirth and again to kill demons in Devasur Sngram. Mention of this event can be traced in many Hindu Scriptures. People come here to get glimpse of Goddess Lalita after taking bath in holy chakra tirth pond.

Yvasa Gaddi :
Maharishi Vyas, the composer of epic Mahabhararata is revered in Hinduism as a great sage and scholar. He had written and compiled various Hindu Scriptures. Maharishi Vyas has penanced at the place. It is believed that the erliest couple of Human Race, Manu and Satrupa had penanced here for creation of world.

Havan Kund :
Havan Kund is the fire-altar which ancient sages and saints have used to perform Yajna and other sacrifices.

Mishrikh -Dadhichi Kund :
The mention of Mishrikh is in Padmapurana (Adikhand), the holy scriptures of Hindus. It is believed that it was the place where Maharishi Dadhichi sacrificed his bones on the request of deities. Legend goes that there was a demon, Vrittrasur. He was very torturous to deities. They requested Lord Vishnu to kill the demon to get rid of his tortures. Then Lord Vishnu said that he could be killed by any weapon which is made of very pious material. All other weapons made of worldly materials failed to kill the demon as he had got divine powers after penancing for great time. Then deities reached sage Dadhichi to get his bones which have become very pious after a long penance. Sage Dadhichi accepted the request of deities for a greater cause. Then Dadhichi sacrificed his bones for killing Vrittrasur.

Sita kund :
This is the place where Sita took bath before their exile to the forest for 14 long years. All three, Rama, Sita and Laxmana visited here so the place is revered.

There are several temples and Ashrams which should be visited by devotees once you are in Naimishranya. Here is list to give you a general overview:

  • Puram Mandir
  • Ashram of Ma Anandma
  • Swami Nardanand Temple
  • Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Paramhans Math (Gariya Math)
  • Mulla Bhiri Baba Mandir, situated in a nearby village - Mulla Bhiri" is also famous for fulfilling wishes of people. It is said that whosoever visits this place with faith, he/she never returns with empty handed.

Importance of Naimisharanya Tirth :
It is believed that Lord Brahma had said that this is the place which would remain untouched from the chaos of Kaliyuga, the dreaded period of extinction of creation on earth. It is also important that in ancient India knowledge was revered and was tried to be got through all efforts that is the case of Sage Shaunaka. Knowledge is also considered as one of the sources that can relieve human being of any sin and any chaos of world. Knowledge was so revered in ancient India that scholars would penance for years to get it.

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