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How to Reach Naimisharanya

Naimisharany is located near Capital City of State of Uttar Pradesh in India. Reach to Sindhauli from Lucknow that is situated on Sitapur Road. Then Turn left. After a distance of about 24kms you will reach at a crossing. Take left turn from where you are. After 12 kms you are in Naimisharanya.

Connectivity :
If you have a vehicles of yourself, that is best. If you don’t have one you need not worry as place is easily accessible by taxi, train or by bus as it lies in Sitapur District of Uttar Pradesh.

Naimisaranyam is located at the junction of the roads from Sitapur and Khairabad, 32 km from Sitapur and 42 km from the Sandila railway station, 45 miles north of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

Lucknow Airport is at 110 Km. from this place

There are regular private services of Auto rickshaw, taxis and other vehicles to take you to Naimisharanya from Sandila Railways station, Lucknow Airport and other places.

Distances from Various Places to Naimisharanya :

  • Lucknow: 90 Kms
  • Hardoi: 34 Kms
  • Sindhauli : 47 Kms
  • Gola Gokaran Nath : 110 Kms
  • Dudhawa National Park : 170 Km
  • Kanpur: 175 Kms
  • Bidhur: 197 Kms
  • Ayodhya: 235 Kms

Where to stay in Naimisharanya :
There are numerous options of accommodation in Naimisharanya. There are private hotels, Inns, Guesthouses, Lounges and Dharmshalas operated by charitable trusts and individuals.

Dharmshala :

  • Chaudhary Paragilal Dharamshala
  • Shri Sanadhya Dharamshala
  • Nepali Dharamashala
  • Vishwakarma Dharmashala,
  • Rastogi Dharmshala
  • Murar ka Bara Dharmashala, Uttar Ward, Lalita Devi-Chakratirth Marg
  • Shri Arka Suryavanshiya Khatriya Dharmashala
  • Visharam Sadan, Barabanki Dharmashala
  • Balmukund Ashram Dharmashala, Dakishin Ward, Near Ramanuj Temple
  • Marvari Panchayati Dharmashala

Top Things to do in Naimisharanya

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