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Excursions in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya Rajgir : Rajgir (80 kms) was the capital of the mighty Magadhas, described in Mahabharata, during the 6th century BC. It is one of the most important tourist places in India. Being located in a valley, Rajgir is a very scenic place. The attractions include the Ajatshatru fort, Shanti Stupa, Venu van, Karanda tank, Sonbhandar caves, Bhimbisar jail, Gridhkuta and hot water springs and the forestry. There is an aerial ropeway for adding charm to the tour.

Nalanda : 96 kms from Bodhgaya, The place where an ancient university, famous all over the world existed, which is 62 km from Bodhgaya and 90 km south of Patna. In this first residential international university of the world, 2,000 teachers and 10,000 monks students from all over the Buddhist world lived and studied here. Nalanda is a place to understand the cultural richness of India during 5th century AD. The excavations have revealed some very interesting facts regarding the ancient university, and the artifacts obtained are naturally a must for every visitor.

Gaya : Gaya is a Hindu pilgrimage place. Gaya is 102 ms rom Patna and 17 kms from Bodhagaya Bihar. Gaya is one of the most sacred Hindu destinations. The Vishnu temple is the central pilgrimage centre and people believe it has been constructed on the footprints of Lord Vishnu. Hindus believe that if a person's last rites are performed in Gaya, the soul attains Moksha, so thousands come here to offer the last rites and funerary offerings for their ancestors, every year. Main attraction is Vishnupad temple. Gaya, an important spiritual destination for Hindus. The main pilgrimage center in Gaya is the Vishnu Temple. Legend has it that this temple was built on Lord Vishnu's footsteps. It is also believed by Hindus that if the final rights are performed in Gaya, the departed soul goes to heaven.

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