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Rajgir Mahotsav Rajgir Bihar , India

Rajgir Mahotsav Rajgir Bihar

Introduction :
Rajgir Mahotsav at Rajgir in state of Bihar is one of the most fabulous dance festivals in India attracting a huge gathering of spectators as well as dance and music connoisseurs. Rajgir has attracted people throughout history with its unique culture and charm of festivals and fairs at the place.

How to Reach Rajgir Dance Festival Rajgir :
Rajgir being the major tourist attraction of India is well accessible through all routes;

Air Route :
You can de-board at Patna airport. Take Taxi or Bihar Transportation Corporation buses which run at regular intervals to ferry tourists. Rajgir is 105 kms from Patna.

By Rail :
Nearest Railway Station to Rajgir is Gaya. From there you can hire taxi to reach the venue.

By Road :
Rajgir is well connected through roads. Buses and taxis run to provide better transport either from Patna/Bodhgaya or Varanasi

History of Rajgir :
Rajgir is a place in Bihar that is surrounded by 7 Hills. Raj-griha or its Prakrita name Rajgir means House of the Kings. Rajgir was established by Bimbisara, the founder of Great Mauryan Empire. Rajgir was capital of Magadh Empire till 5th BC. Later Patliputra was made the new capital of Mauryan Empire. Rajgir finds mention even in Epic Mahabharata that establishes it as major trade center of India at that time. Rajgir was well connected to all the major trade routes of India at that time. Rajgir is situated on the famous Rajmahal Hills that are remnants of Deccan Plateau. There is famous Griddhakoot Hills where Buddha sermon used common folks. Though Lord Buddha didn’t visit Rajgir often, Rajgir is famous as major Buddist Site as Buddhism found patronage of Mauryan Rulers. Palce is also famous as it held historical 1st Buddhist Council that led to compilation of Buddhist Scriptures; Sutta Pitaka and Vinaya Pitaka.

About Rajgir Dance Festival :
Rajgir Dance Festival also called Rajgir Mahotsav is a cultural Event organized every year by Government of Bihar to attract and promote rich cultural heritage of India as well as of Bihar.

Rajgir Dance Festivals offers you the best of cultural traditions of dances in India. It showcases you classical, folk, indi-pop , ballet and many other emerging dance forms with fusion of past and present, modern and classical and fervor in dance that would leave you stunned for moments.

Dance connoisseurs from across the country come to participate in this extravagant cultural showcasing. It is an event that gives you a memory to cherish forever. This Dance Festival leaves an indelible mark each time it is organized. This Dance Festival is also considered as a new arena for emerging artist to display their art and carry forward the legacy of old and going generations to new heights. MadhaviMudgal, HemaMalini, Raja Reddy Radha Reddy, Pt. BirjuMaharaj, Shovna Narayan, Sonal Man Singh, , Leela Samson, Madhumita Roy, Anand Shankar, MadhukarAnand, SwapnaSundari, Nalini-Kamalini are some of the exponents that are famous for their performances in the festival. Focus of Rajgir Dance Festival is classical dances as these are the best preserved heritage of India that make it different from other dances of world. Classical Dances would take you to a heavenly and divine world through elegant and graceful movements of dancers. Coming December forget not to travel to Rajgir to take a glimpse of Rajgir and extravagant Rajgir Mahotsav .

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